Welcome to the ‘That Prize Guy’ 3% cashback system!

Earning cashback could not be simpler – by simply purchasing tickets on this website you will be rewarded with credit into your account wallet that you can redeem on future purchases!

How it works:

  • You will be automatically rewarded with 3% of the total sale amount back into your virtual wallet.
  • You can build up and redeem your cashback on any competition as long as you have at least the ticket price in your virtual wallet.
  • The virtual Currency that exists in your wallet cannot be redeemed for GBP.

How to redeem:

  • Add a competition to your cart
  • If you have more credit in your wallet than the total amount in your basket, you can then choose the ‘That Prize Guy Wallet’ payment method.
  • Click Pay Now!
  • Easy as that

Multiple/Bulk Discounts

  • Bulk discounts still apply when redeeming credit!